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Resurgence for the energy densities in integrable models

Data evento: - 14.00 -15.00
Dove: aula 2.4 - Via Campi 213/B (Matematica)
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Speaker: Zoltan Bajnok, Wigner Research Centre
Abstract: in this talk I will consider the energy density of integrable scattering theories, which can be calculated using a linear integral equation. These include the Gaudin-Yang and Lieb-Liniger models as well as integrable quantum field theories in which a conserved charge is coupled to an external field. It will include Love equation, which describe the capacity of the circular plate capacitor. I will explain how these equations can be expanded perturbatively and investigate the asymptotic properties of the perturbative coefficients. The factorially growing perturbative coefficients imply non-perturbative corrections. I will construct the full trans-series, which contains all non-perturbative corrections together with their own perturbative series.



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