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Computer science is a constantly evolving discipline, it has revolutionized our society and the manufacturing processes and will continue to do so. Research in computer science at FIM is carried on in cooperation with international companies and research centers.
Besides specific skills that can be browsed accessing the research groups Web pages, a wide range of research and technology transfer activities is performed in highly interdisciplinary areas. For example, research on real-time systems and on next generation embedded platforms has been exploited to create autonomous driving and data analytics systems; the analysis of large amounts of data helped the interpretation of socio-technological systems (social media, but also economic innovation systems) or supported initiatives in the personalized medicine domain; adaptive and autonomous systems can be distributed (pervasive computing) and be an integral and active part of "Smart cities" paradigms; artificial systems can evolve and improve their performance to better serve citizens; cryptography has been used for understanding the mechanisms of genetics.

Computer science research at FIM comes with a strong background in the following areas: